93 Films is a production and post-production company run by Johann Mynhardt located in Cape Town, South Africa. Johann started out in post-production primarily as an editor and later as a visual effects artist and supervisor.

His portfolio of work in the post-production arena include such clients as BMW, Lexus, KFC, Nestle and other big brands. Having transitioned recently to production (specifically directing) his portfolio in that area is somewhat smaller but does include clients like Kimberley-Clarke and is steadily growing.

For larger productions Johann prefers working with a full creative and technical team often including an agency as he feels the value provided by such a team produce a much higher production value.

For smaller productions Johann often devises the creative concept, script and storyboard himself, uses his own kit and is more than capable of doubling up as Director, DOP (DP), editor, colorist and visual effects artist where necessary. He believes that creating powerful emotive work has the ability to vastly change people's perceptions.

Johann is also a published photographer

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